Closed Reference Section(CR Section)

Closed Reference section holds about 35000 books which includes old and rare books and some of them dating back to the 18th century. This section also stocks Newspapers from 1970’s and there are also back volumes of popular periodicals. There is also a Digital Library in Closed Reference section with digital content mainly comprising Kerala State Government Gazettes, Travancore Gazettes and Fort St.George Gazettes from early 1900. About 1200 rarebooks are also digitized and added to the digital collection. All the digital data are also uploaded for public access. The general public as well as library members are allowed to use this section on request for reference only. Reprographic facilities are provided on demand.

Gazette Section

Gazettes are official documents used to bring the awareness about the functions of Government to Public. To make sure that it reaches people State Central Library is providing Gazette online with search facility. The Gazette collection in State Central Library consists of gazettes from 1903 which includes Tiruvitamkoor, Tirukochi and Kerala government gazettes which consists of over 19 lakh pages. This type of Information service in mother tongue is not provided in any other states across India.
The Gazette collection in State Central Library includes Government Orders, SRO’s, PSC Notifications/Ranklist,
University, Boards, Corporations, Local governance, Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, Ordinances, Bills etc.

Braille Section

People who are blind or visually impaired or who have reading or other physical disabilities are often unable to use library for reading purposes. In order to solve this problem State Central Library started a Braille library section which can be used by above mentioned people. The Braille section consists of Books, Audio Books, Computers, and more. The readers shall be admitted to the Braille Section of the Library only during the working hours of the Braille Section. There will be no membership fee for Braille library. The Braille wing is envisaged to provide all modern amenities to help make visually impaired visitors comfortable.