Organization of the State Central Library
This Library is systematically organized in to the following sections:

1. Technical Section
2. Circulation Section (Books & Periodicals)
3. English Section
4. Malayalam Section
5. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit / Section
6. Reference Section
7. Childrens’ Section
8. Binding Section
9. Reprographic Section
10. Closed Reference Section
11. Member’s Reading Room (For A & B Member’s only)
12 General Reading Room (For C & D Member’s & Non Member’s)
13 Cash Section
14 Administrative Office
15 Internet Browsing Centre
16 Kerala Gazette Section
17 Multimedia Section
18 Digital Library
19 British Library Collection
20 Revenue Recovery Section

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The administration of the State Central Library is vested with the State Librarian, who is the Head of the Department. There is an Advisory Committee in the Library. Two Deputy State Librarians assist the State Librarian in Library, academic and the Administrative Assistant to the State Librarian assist the State Librarian in the Administrative, Accounts and Audit matters.

Library Collection
The library has a total collection of 455274 documents in different languages such as English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit in various disciplines.

The library subscribes 25 dailies and 225 journals including foreign journals.
Language wise details.

Dailies Journals
English 8 99
Malayalam 14 76
Tamil 3 14
Hindi 0 4
Childrens’ Journals
English 19
Malayalam 13

Apart from this the library is receiving several periodicals as gift from individuals and institutions.