Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(a) How to be a member ?
The library offers individual membership, which is open to all natives of Kerala State. There are four categories of membership – ‘A’ class, ‘B’ class, ‘C’ class & ‘D’ class. A refundable deposit is collected at the time of admission in cash. There is neither subscription nor admission fee in the State Central Library Thiruvananthapuram. State Central Library started providing temperary membership(E class) for 1 year to Central Goverment Employees who does’t have a permanent address in kerala as perG.O (Rt) No 931/2009/H.Edn. dated 30-06-2009

(b) What are the norms for Membership to children ?
The students of standard IX and above are eligible for membership on the strength of the written undertaking by the guardians under due identity and subject to satisfaction of other conditions for membership.
Documents required with Application form
1) Two stamp size photographs (One to be affixed on the application form).
2) Proof for Residential address – (Electoral identity Card / Driving Licence / Passport)
3) Attested copy of the applicants office identity card(For E class membership).
4) Admission for children above 14 years of age will be allowed on production of the Electoral Identity card of their parents.

(c) What is the Renewal Procedure for borrowed books ?
Borrowed books can be renewed once over telephone or by online or in person on or before the due date stamped unless there is no reservation for the book requested. Subsequent renewal can be done only on production of the borrowed book.

(d) What should be done if the borrowed Book / Journal is lost ?
The loss may be reported to the State Librarian in writing. The member may either replace the same copy of the book or remit the cost as decided by the State Librarian from time to time along with the overdue charges if any. Regarding loose issues of journals, the lost item should be replaced either by submitting it’s current issue along with the overdue charges if any or by remitting the cost as directed by State Librarian.

(e) What is the procedure for cancellation of Membership ?
Prefer a request to the State Librarian for cancellation of the membership and surrender all Borrowers’ Tickets (Book Tickets and Periodical Tickets) and Identity Card. The full deposit amount will be refunded if there is no dues.

(f) How to locate a book ?
Books are arranged in a classified order according to colon classification. Users/Readers can search the availability of books by online or through OPAC installed in various section of the library with the assistance of the staff concerned.