Membership Fee (Refundable deposit)

1. ‘A’ Class Rs.400
2. ‘B’ Class Rs.300
3. ‘C’ Class Rs.200
4. ‘D’ Class Rs.100
5. ‘E’ Class Rs.1500

There is no monthly subscription. The membership fee is refundable on withdrawal of the membership provided the member has no
outstanding liability to the State Central Library, Thiruvananthapuram.

Book/Periodicals Due charges
Re.1 for every additional day after the due date (stamped).
Date Conversion Certificate Fee – Rs.55 per certificate

Auditorium Rental Charges
(1) For Government Institutions rate which is charged.
a) For 1 day : Rs.2070
b) For 2 days : Rs.4140

(2) For private Institutions rate which is charged.
a) For 1 day : Rs.4140
b) For 2 days : Rs.8275

Other charges:
a. Security deposit for one day : Rs.3675
For 2 days : Rs.4200
b. Electricity charges per day : Rs.500
(Electricity charges in respect of exhibitions will be based on the actual consumption)
c. Water charges : Rs.40 for first day and Rs.75 for two days
d. Service/Cleaning charges : Rs.525 per day

Note: For Government Departments, the rent will be half of the normal rates and the full charges towards Security deposit, Electricity/Water/Service/Cleaning Charges will be at full rates

Internet Browsing Charges
Browsing rate
For member’s: Rs.20/- per hour; Rs.15/- per 1/2 hour
For Non member’s: Rs.35/- per hour; Rs.25/- per 1/2 hour

Other Rates
1 Scanning per page – Rs.20/- including printing or copying in Floppy (Fresh Floppy to be produced by the user)
2 C.D Writing – Rs.55/- per CD (Fresh CD to be produced by the user)
3. Printing per page –  A4 size : Rs. 15/-

  • Date Conversion Certificate – Rs. 60/- per Certificate
    New Membership card(card lost) – Rs. 50 for ID Card and Rs.25 for Borrowers
  • Copy of Digital Library documents – Rs.15/- per page
  • Certified copy of gazette and Government orders / notifications – Rs. 20/- for first page and Rs.15/- per page for remaining pages.
  • Copy of old Newspapers / Journals  – A3 size :  Rs. 5
                                                                        A4 size :  Rs. 3
  • Copy of Books / Documents in Reference section :  A3 size :  Rs. 5
                                                                                                  A4 size :  Rs. 3
  • Film shooting Rates : Rs. 6900 for one day